Congratulations on your engagement!

Pardon the pun, but a wedding occasion is a Milestone Event!

A wedding event should be in the hands of someone who has the long standing proven track record of caring deeply about you and your guest's enjoyment! The environmental experience is what your guests will remember and talk about long after the twinkle lights and tulle are packed away! Your choice at this stage of planning starts the process of ensuring your guests are enjoying how your reception and ceremony are being presented.

Weddings compose the majority of my business focus. Seeing a wedding celebration built with your guidance starts with a firm foundation upon entertainment. People leave boring situations.

A mentor of mine often refers to this perspective: "A wedding reception is a function based upon entertainment." Else it would be a 'food function'; or if the wedding reception were based from a décor standpoint, it'd be a museum.  Keep in mind, all parts are very valuable to the overall event.  In a very recent discussion with a trusted wedding professional, the analogy of a big firework was used.  There are two vocals an audience to a fireworks display make, the "Ooooh!" and the "Ahhhh!"  Great decor sets up the "Ooooh!" and your Wedding DJ Entertainment choice creates the power of the "Ahhhh!"

A theatrical play tells a story. That story told should be yours. There are many elements to a great stage play: the actors, the script, the set, the sound, and the lighting. There is another role, often overlooked, but equally important: the stage manager.

wedding dj Ken Petersen

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