Proms and School Dances

Students and school dance planners, welcome!

Recently, Ken's Milestone Events has begun accepting a few select schools for Prom Dances!

If you are here because you've seen the style and positive energy I can create, then get right over to the Booking menu up top and get this ball rolling!!

If you are here because of a google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo or other search engine result; your dance success depends on you selecting the right DJ for your school.

No Joke.  

The cheapest DJ you can find to fill the requirements possibly set by a teacher or other committee leader literally 'breaks' the entire "prom machine."  

Cheap = Bad DJ.

Bad DJ = Talk

Talk = Less Students Next Year

Less Students = Less Ticket Sales

Less Ticket Sales = Less Prom Budget Seeding

Less Prom Budget = Hiring An Even Cheaper DJ

... and so goes the cycle to the point where you're considering a faculty member or an I-Pod.

And that, guys, is: "A prom that tanks."

Are you going to be responsible for a "Prom that tanked?"

My Proms don't tank.